1945 Picture of Lake Alice




Elmer Wunsch and his children show off a big catch of panfish taken on Lake Alice at Pine Creek Resort in the summer of 1945.  The little fellow in the front holding up one end of the stringer is Jim Wunsch who presently has a cottage just a few hundred feet down the shoreline from this very spot.  Note the old steel minnow bucket in background and although this old box camera photo does not show it, the stump field across the lake from Pine Creek Resort was eight feet high back in the mid forties.

The Resort, on Highway “D” about five miles east of Tomahawk had five or six small cabins, a bar, and a restaurant.  The cabins were small and rustic.  No plumbing and an old wood stove for cooking and heating.  Refrigeration was provided by an ice box which had to be replenished with ice from the “ice house”, an old barn loaded with blocks of ice cut from the lake during the winter, skidded to the barn and covered with a thick layer of sawdust to last through the summer.  It may have been rustic but to a small boy catching fish on your only real vacation was heaven.

The Resort was owned and operated by Hal and Marie DeRoche.  It finally closed down in the 1970’s.  Shortly after the property was sold, the bar was demolished, and the new owner has since build a beautiful log cottage on the site.

Someday if you are driving east on Highway “D” about five miles east of Tomahawk, take note of a well preserved Coca-Cola sign with the original lettering beneath it, “Pine Creek Resort”.  And if you were to walk a few steps back into a thick stand of white pines would find three of those old rustic cabins still standing.